The Rules

#6 - Grounding and Bonding

We are surrounded by items and people we like. Even more, some of them we genuinely love. However, unfortunately, an effect comes into place after we’ve spent a significant amount of time with the before-mentioned, akin to a static electricity accumulation.

The static electricity is made of fatigue and banality.

A similar thing happens to you at work. It’s barely possible to love the work over a long period. As a solution to that, it’s crucial to leave for a vacation occasionally. Even hobbies can be tiresome and require us to have a break from them either.

Those long in the tooth items and people accumulate within us as “static electricity.” The charge remains until it can move away.

Rule #6: “Occasionally ground and bound yourself.” 1

  1. Originally created and published in Feb 2010 ↩︎

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