The Rules

#2 - One Dish Meal

I am pretty sure you have done this before: you’d ordered the main course, salad, and an appetizer in a restaurant and then realized you are not going to finish the entire dish. Your stomach simply couldn’t accommodate all that tasty food.

The same story happened with my friends and me in Munich (Germany, Bavaria). In a restaurant by the central railway station, we decided to make an order. I was hungry. I went with the main course, a salad, and a portion of dumplings. I was entirely sure I was going to finish the meal I had ordered.

Never had I been so wrong before. Every single meal was a complete dish, adequately prepared for an adult man.

Well, here is rule #2: “Always order a one-dish meal in a restaurant. You will have plenty of time to decide whether you need more.” 1

  1. Originally created and published in Jan 2010 ↩︎

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