The Rules

#19 - Travel

An image if a tent, leaves, camping, sun, mountains

We don’t get better over time. With every passing day, our abilities and capabilities to do something useful deplete. 1

Many people dream of traveling somewhere nice and beautiful. But in the future, we won’t have that much energy and resources to do so. We will all have our commitments to take care of or rather to serve to such as a mortgage, car loans, work, significant others. You know that.

For instance, now, considering you are in your mid-twenties (mid-thirties) you can pack up your backpack and escape to a new place. You don’t even need a five-star hotel to stay in. Couchsurfing will do it. Will you have such an urge and opportunity when you are in your forties (fifties)?

In view of such depleting opportunity of getting out and travel, here is Rule #19: “Never delay your tomorrow travel plans because the place you wanted to visit yesterday is already inaccessible today.” 2

  1. Well, some may argue that the ability and capability actually increase with the wealth and experience we accumulate over time. However, the thing here is, that by the time you are ready to do something meaningful or to travel somewhere picturesque, your life energy starts declining. ↩︎

  2. Originally created and published in March 2010 ↩︎

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