The Rules

#17 - Grammatically Correct

Sometimes when I am browsing the internet I get upset quite easily. In the comment sections, people express themselves incorrectly with spelling and grammar errors. It was a bigger deal back in my old country, Russia. However, the English domain suffers from that too.

You would argue, who am I, a non-native speaker, to critic and bash on how English people express their feelings in writing. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what language you speak. It’s a matter of respect. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing to witness a grammatically correct sentence but it also lowkey identifies the individual you have a chance to communicate with.

Why while composing a business letter, we think about grammar; and while texting with a friend, not so much? Just food for thought.

Rule #17: “Write grammatically correct.” 1

At least, make an effort.

  1. Originally created and published in March 2010 ↩︎