The Rules

#14 - Start Over Again

Due to the nature of my work, I design-support the consulting engineers with equipment and system selections. Over time, working on a specific project we go through many revision iterations. I duplicate, say, ‘Revision 0’ into ‘Revision 1’ and modify the content to tailor it to the new conditions and requests. Then ‘Revision 2’, ‘Revision 3’ emerge. However, there is a moment in time when it’s hard to track all of the changes. It becomes easier to create a new ‘Revision n+1’ from scratch, instead of copying the previous one and carrying the errors over.

Rule #14: “There is a moment in time, when it’s easier and more efficient to start something over again, instead of fixing and correcting what’s been done.” 1

The examples of personal behaviors and relationships I am not reviewing here. There are plenty of instances to support the rule.

  1. Originally created and published in March 2010 ↩︎

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