The Rules

#12 - Immediate Tasks

Who wrote military regulations? The very bluebook of “Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops.” I am pretty sure there is an author or a group of authors to that. But I truly believe that life is the true author of military regulations. Salty sweat and sticky blood of the soldiers seal all the chapters of the book. Same with “The Rules”, — life is the true author of it. I am observing and documenting it.

When I was studying in military services back in my old country when I was a student, we had spent a fair amount of time in order to learn how to spend time wisely. Ironically, eh? Especially when the successful accomplishment determines whether you win or lose the battle. The very first action point was:

Rule #12: “In every project, it is imperative to determine the list of tasks or action points to accomplish immediately.” 1

Every project can be broken down into tasks and action points which are to be solved often times by multiple people or parties. If you are the project lead it will be up to you to identify the tasks to tackle immediately.

For instance, a project requires gathering some information that can be sourced from a third-party. It’s worth it to call them or send a request immediately. Since it will take time for them to return it. Also, a good example of such a task would be getting preapproval for something, checking someone’s availability for a particular date. You name it.

Properly identified immediate action items will direct the project-flow in a parallel manner. Which will improve the time of completion.

  1. Originally created and published in March 2010 ↩︎

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